Vim: Stairway to Clean Haven

Life is harsh and dirty: there’s no point in pretending otherwise. It’s natural, then, for the house to get dirty from time to time. When that happens, it’s time to bring out the big guns in your cleaning arsenal: Vim cleaning detergent. The Lever Brothers understood the difficulty in making the house cleaned and germ-free, so they came up with a solution to end all household cleaning dilemmas: Vim cleaning detergent.

Vim is a powerful cleaning detergent from Unilever. The product was introduced in Canada in 1890, and is believed to be one of the first of many inventions by William Lever, a renowned maker of popular cleaning products.

Here is a brief list of Vim products and the corresponding surfaces on which the product is safe to use:

  • Vim Product Bathroom Spray: Safe to use on sinks and acrylic fixtures, ceramic back splashes, flooring, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, veneer cabinets, windows.
  • Vim Product Cream: Safe to use on barbecues, counter tops, enameled steel surfaces, plastic patio furniture, stainless steel surfaces.
  • Vim Product Gel with Baking Soda: Safe to use on sinks and acrylic fixtures, glass doors, veneer cabinets, granite counter tops, chrome hardware.
  • Vim Product Oxy-Gel Spray: Safe to use on carpets, mirrors, windows, washable wallpaper, plastic appliances.

The first to come out was Vim Cream. This product’s marketing focused on kitchen and bathroom cleaning, with the catchy phrase “scratches like skates on ice.” It wasn’t until 2001 that Unilever expanded its repertoire to include the following Vim brand products: Vim Product Bathroom Spray, Vim Product Oxy-Gel, Vim Product Oxy-Gel Spray, Vim Product Cream Cleanser, and Vim Product Thick Bleach.

Vim products, depending on the variant, are safe to use and effective on almost any type of surface. Simply follow the instructions on the product packaging for proper usage. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be interested in learning how to choose a cleaning product.

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