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Why Everybody Should Have a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

Feb 20

Why Everybody Should Have a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

by Alessandra Mendes

You’ve probably seen the little bathroom cleaning caddies before- small little carts or buckets full of cleaning tools. If you’re looking for a way to keep your bathroom clean all the time and handle messes quickly and easily, then you want to have one of these sitting in your bathroom.

In fact cleaning companies in NYC are known to use cleaning caddies and even recommend them to their clients to make it easier during the cleaning process. Jessica who has worked at NYC House Cleaners for over 5 years recommends it for their recurring clients to have one on hand in their bathrooms.

They Save Time

If you have all the cleaning supplies you need in one place in the room where many of the messes in your home occur, you’ll clean up those messes faster. You won’t have to run to the other end of the house to find the cleaning tool you need. It will be right there and available. No need to go looking for that specific cleaning tool to handle a mess. You already have everything on hand you need to take care of most cleaning problems in the bathroom.

Clean Messes Easily

Sometimes, when there’s a mess in the bathroom and you can’t clean it right away, it gets worse over time. Whatever has been spilled might solidify and harden and become tougher to clean. Why not make some problems easier to handle by having a cleaning caddy on hand to take care of the mess when it happens? You’ll spend less time cleaning and be able to clean more effectively just by having those cleaning supplies right there in the bathroom.

Save Yourself Some Stress

Messes cause stress; there’s no denying that. Instead of having to run around to find the right cleaning tool and stressing about the problem more and more, you can clean it up right away. By being able to clean messes quickly and effectively because you have bathroom caddy close by, the messes won’t spread as much. If you’ve spilled something in the bathroom, it can start to pool and permeate the bathroom, creating longer lasting smells and bigger messes. You’ll be able to get a handle on things quickly by having cleaning tools readily available, and you won’t be running around the house worrying about how big the mess is getting and where the spills might have seeped.

Make Things Easy on Guests

When you have company over and they use the bathroom, accidents can happen. Why not make it a simple thing for your guests to clean up after themselves? If there’s no bathroom caddy handy with all the cleaning tools to clean up a mess, the mess may sit there for a while before anyone even notices it. Guests might feel awkward bringing up their accident to you. If you leave them a way to clean up after themselves, that’s less stress for them, fewer awkward conversations, and a cleaner bathroom.

You definitely want to keep your bathroom caddy well stocked. Check the supplies periodically to ensure there are adequate cleaning supplies on hand. You want supplies like paper towels, disinfectants, tile cleaner, a scrubbing brush, a mop, toilet bowl cleaner, and glass cleaner. The specific supplies your caddy should have will depend on what’s in your bathroom and how you like to clean it. There are many guides online on how to clean your bathroom.

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