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Booking Guide

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Welcome to the hassle-free way of getting an accurate estimate for your cleaning needs! At Cleaning Glow, we've streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for you to get an instant quote and book your cleaning online.
step 01

Navigate to Our Booking Form

Begin by navigating to our user-friendly booking form. You can find it here. This intuitive form is designed to gather the necessary details to provide you with a personalized quote.

step 02

Tell Us About You and Your Space

  • Your Info: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number.
  • Where We Work Our Magic: Just drop your home address.
step 03

Choose the size of your home

Choose the right size for your home. Our pricing depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the total square footage. Be sure to count all the rooms in your house except for the Living room, Dining room, and Kitchen. If there’s a room you want to skip, just give us a call or leave a note in the Customer Comments section. We’ll adjust the price for you manually. Simple as that!

step 04

Select extras

On the extras is where you can choose the type of service you want to have.
  • Deep Cleaning: Opting for Deep Cleaning goes the extra mile. It includes additional time for tasks like the inside of the oven, fridge, interior blinds & windows, and baseboards. This option is ideal for furnished homes. If you’re booking with us for the first time, we strongly recommend choosing Deep Cleaning to give your space a thorough refresh. Your home deserves the extra care!
  • Move in/ Move Out: Our Move In/Move Out Cleaning covers inside the oven, inside the fridge, interior blinds and windows, baseboards, inside cabinets, and even sweeping and dusting the balcony. This specialized cleaning is designed for unfurnished homes, ensuring a thorough clean during transitions. A couple of important notes:
    • Please ensure all cabinets, the refrigerator, and the home are empty before our arrival.
    • Consider not scheduling your cleaning on the same day as your move. Movers can face delays, and arriving to clean a home that isn’t ready might lead to cancellation. Let’s ensure your space is primed and perfect for our cleaning magic!
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: Tackling Tough Messes! Is your home rating higher than 5/10 on the uncleanliness scale? It’s time for Heavy Duty Cleaning! Perfect for homes that haven’t had a good cleaning in a while. Just remember, it doesn’t cover inside the fridge, oven, windows, or blinds. If you need those extras, think about selecting both Deep Cleaning and Heavy Duty. Here’s what Heavy Duty involves:
    • Our cleaners spend extra time scrubbing toilets, showers, and cleaning the stove, and more.
    • It’s designed for homes needing more attention due to prolonged neglect.
    • Ideal for homes that have accumulated deep grime over time.
  • Declutter: We know life gets busy, and sometimes things can pile up. If you’d like some help decluttering before our cleaning service, our Declutter Service is here for you. This includes tidying up toys, clothes, shoes, and organizing paperwork on tables etc. Here’s how it works:
    • We charge an hourly rate, and it’s $40 per hour.
    • Our team will assist in creating a clean and organized starting point for the actual cleaning.
    • It’s a fantastic way to simplify your space, making the cleaning process more effective!

    Choosing the Declutter Service ensures a neat and stress-free environment before we dive into making your space shine.

  • Pet hair Clean-Up: At Cleaning Glow, we adore pets! However, we want to ensure the best cleaning for your space, and that often means our cleaners need a bit more time to tackle pet hair.
  • Steam Cleaning: Experience the power of steam with our comprehensive Steam Cleaning services, covering:
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Rug Cleaning
    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Floor Deep Cleaning

    Here’s what sets our Steam Cleaning apart:

    • A dedicated and skilled technician with professional equipment will be dispatched exclusively for this service.
    • Please note that Steam Cleaning is entirely separate from our standard cleaning services.
    • To cover the cost of relocating our technician to your home, the minimum price for this exceptional service starts at $150.

    Unlock the deep-cleaning benefits of steam and rejuvenate your living spaces with our specialized Steam Cleaning service!

  • Additional Extras:
    • Window cleaning
    • Blind wiping
    • Oven and fridge interiors
    • Balcony cleaning
    • Dishwashing
step 05

Choose Your Cleaning Frequency

Tailor your cleaning schedule to fit your lifestyle. We offer flexible options:
One-Time Cleaning:
Perfect for special occasions or a thorough one-off refresh.
Weekly Cleaning:
Maintain a consistently clean home every week.
Biweekly Cleaning:
Optimal for a balance between regular upkeep and flexibility.
Monthly Cleaning:
Tailored for those keeping up with a regular cleaning routine but longing for a monthly break.

Recurring Service Tip: When selecting a recurring service, our Cleaner will start on the day of your first booking and continue at your chosen frequency. This ensures your home stays consistently sparkling without the hassle of rebooking each time. Choose the frequency that best suits your needs, and leave the cleaning routine to us!

step 06

Receive an Instant Quote

Upon completion, receive an instant quote. If satisfied, proceed to the next step.
step 07

Choose Your Preferred Appointment Time

Select the date and time that suits your schedule from our four convenient arrival windows:

  • 8-9 am
  • 10 am-12 pm
  • 12:30-2:30 pm
  • 2:30-4:30 pm

Important Note: Please be aware that these are arrival windows, so plan accordingly. For instance, if your chosen window is 12:30 to 2:30 pm, our cleaner will arrive anytime within that period. If you’re unable to be at home during the scheduled time, consider leaving a lockbox, providing us with keys, or making alternative arrangements.

This flexibility ensures that you can go about your day with ease while we take care of your cleaning needs. Choose the time that suits you best, and we’ll handle the rest!

step 08

Secure and Convenient Payment Process

Ensure a hassle-free experience with our streamlined payment system:
  • Payment Method: We exclusively accept credit cards for a secure and seamless transaction.
  • Hold Process: Your payment will be placed on hold 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning.
  • Actual Charge: Rest assured, the actual charge will only be processed after your home has been cleaned to your satisfaction.
step 09

Email Confirmation and Friendly Reminders

Stay in the loop with our communication process:
  • Confirmation Process: Upon booking a cleaning appointment, expect an initial email acknowledging receipt of your request. If there’s any concern, we’ll promptly reach out.
  • Booking Confirmation: Once confirmed, you will receive a detailed booking confirmation. Double-check all information to ensure accuracy and avoid any potential hiccups.

These emails are designed to keep you informed and confident in your choice. We value your time and strive for clarity in every step of your Cleaning Glow experience!

step 10

Cleaning Day Arrival

When the big day arrives:
  • Our Team’s Arrival: Our dedicated cleaners will show up equipped with all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies.
  • Guided Walkthrough: Take a moment to do a brief walkthrough with your cleaner. It’s a great opportunity to highlight specific areas and ensure your expectations are met.

Relax and let Cleaning Glow bring the shine to your space. A quick walkthrough ensures we’re on the same page for a spotless finish!


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