Go Green in Your Home With These Eco-Friendly Tips!

Go Green in Your Home With These Eco-Friendly Tips!

Nov 05

Go Green in Your Home With These Eco-Friendly Tips!

by Alessandra Mendes

Being truly environmentally friendly isn’t easy. You can’t just change your lifestyle on a whim the next day. It’s best and less frustrating to start small, and sometimes small changes make big differences. And as you save money, you can later make the jump to more significant changes to save even more. You might be surprised to discover that saving the planet can also save your wallet! Win-win!

Here are some tips to make your home an eco-friendly one!

Plant more trees.

Trees are essential for our survival and any attempt to go green. They  offer fruits, shade, clean the air, and of course, provide oxygen. If you have a tree on your lawn or yard, it gives a shady landscape, which helps reduce consumption of energy and keep your home cool even during summers. Start with small trees around your yard, and don’t cut them down until it’s deemed necessary. You should work with a local environmental group to plant more trees.

Conserve energy and water.

If you conserve water, you’re helping in reducing the amount of energy that is needed to filter it. There are a lot of ways to save water, like taking short showers, closing the tap while you brush your teeth, and fixing leaking pipes. You can use water-saving appliances and collect rainwater in a barrel to water your lawn.

You should turn off the lights as you leave a room and pull out all plugged appliances when you’re not using it. When you’re not using your computer, you should set it to “sleep” or “hibernate.” When you come back, you can pick up where you left off, and your computer will use less energy.

Remember the 3 Rs.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the 3 Rs of responsible waste disposal. Reduce means decreasing what is produced and what is consumed. Next is reuse, which means to use an item again for a different purpose instead of sending them to landfills. Lastly, recycle means that it will be transformed into a raw material that can be shaped into a new item.

Stop littering.

This tip is brief, but it’s one surefire way to keep the environment clean. It’s one of the most common sights you see every day, and you can put a stop to that. You can educate other people to put trash in garbage cans.

Say yes to reusable utensils and water bottle.

When you’re eating at a fast food establishment, you can tell the server that you won’t be needing plastic utensils or straw. Carrying these around everywhere to use at lunches, picnics, and restaurants with disposable cutlery can be a game changer. It’s such a simple yet beneficial action. Using reusable water bottles will also help avoid the excessive use of plastic ones and keep our environment safe from harm.

Buy a bulk of locally grown products and use your shopping bag.

Some stores carry local products from neighboring farms. To know where they came from, you must read the labels on vegetables and fruits. You should also buy in bulk and avoid using large amounts of packaging. Buying from farmers markets, co-ops, or community supported agriculture is both beneficial for the buyer and the seller, and it helps the environment by avoiding having to transport produce from far away. Don’t forget to bring your shopping bag with you!

There are many ways to stay eco-friendly: sustainable, green, energy-efficient, and more. Although it can feel overwhelming to consider making some environmentally friendly changes, you can create an eco-friendly home with these tips. If you’d like more tips on cleaning related topics check out the rest of our blog or one of our other partners located in austin Easyway Maid Service.

Don’t forget to schedule professional house cleaning experts to help you make a green home for you and your family.

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