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The need for a professional maid service to help keep your home spick and span is at an all-time high. Never before have work schedules been so hectic, or children needed more time and attention with school work, extracurricular activities and the likes. In the midst of balancing all of this, along with other responsibilities and errands to run, the thing that suffers most is your precious Oakland home! Although home cleaning should be a priority in every household, most homeowners can’t help but have a list of other duties prioritized above this. That’s where professional home cleaning services in Oakland, CA come in!

The amount of work, time and energy it takes to maintain a beautiful, clean and tidy home is not something the average homeowner can spare. The good news, however, is that this burden can be shouldered by a team of fully capable and experienced cleaning professionals so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. If the thought of not lifting a finger to make your home immaculate isn’t enough, the endless benefits of hiring a highly-trained team or individual house cleaner to clean your home for you might change your mind!

To start off, no one can achieve those spotless cleaning results quite like a house cleaner with hands-on experience. Secondly, there are special cleaning tools and products used by cleaning companies that aid in achieving desirable results in a much shorter time frame. Yet another benefit to consider is the fact that scheduled home cleaning by an Oakland maid service ensures that your home is cleaned on time, whereas a personal cleaning schedule tends to get overlooked or postponed more often than not. Companies like Cleaning Glow are all about providing flawless cleaning results and all-round house cleaning services that meet your expectations. 

Our aim is to to become the number 1 go to house cleaning company in the san francisco bay area as well as surrounding areas through competitive pricing, attractive service plans &  top notch customer service.

What to expect from a top rated home cleaning service in oakland

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If you have had a bad experience with a so-called professional cleaning company in the past, it’s likely that you are turned off by the idea of hiring one in the future. 

On the other hand, Oakland homeowners looking to hire a house cleaner for the very first time are often unaware of what to expect from a professional maid service.

There are many horror stories out there about the lack of work ethic, honesty, and professionalism in house cleaners that have been hired from “reputable” companies.

This leaves residents wondering if they will be the next storytellers of such bitter experiences. With that said, Cleaning Glow is here to tell you about the kind of service you can expect from a trustworthy and reputed cleaning company.

The primary goal of any cleaning company is to leave customers happy and satisfied with their service. If they fail to do this, you can be sure that it is not by accident or for genuine reasons. As a customer paying hard-earned money for a service, you are justified in expecting every penny’s worth, on every occasion. This means that the cleaning team must cover all areas of home cleaning as promised, and do a fine job at it! Service with a smile, polite interactions, and good communication skills are also fair expectations. 

Unlike established oakland cleaning service companies such as Cleaning Glow, some agencies look to scam customers with sketchy contracts that leave you helpless when things go south. In Oakland, CA alone, numerous companies without a permanent address claim to offer the best service for a price significantly less than their competitors; however, these are the people you need to be wary of. What’s worse, they can also be a potential threat to the security of your family and home. Hence, when dealing with a maid service, you should expect 100% professionalism, transparency in all dealings, and proof of references. 

Cleaning glow offers you the best house cleaners Oakland has to offer!

Like any other industry, we understand that edging out the competition means having a team that is a cut above the rest. With that said, our consistency in the cleaning business is a result of crucial feedback and ratings received from clients, all of which are taken into consideration when rewarding cleaners for an excellent performance, or getting rid of those who have received negative comments.

Cleaning Glow works around the clock to ensure that only highly-qualified and trusted house cleaners are hired after vetting and testing them for their cleaning abilities. Today, we offer customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee because our hardworking maids strive to provide nothing less!

Regardless of how big or unique your cleaning needs may be, rest assured that we’ve got the skill, determination, and workforce to meet your requirements.

From regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, and  move out cleaning, to getting your office or rental/Airbnb home in spotless condition; Cleaning Glow does it all! 

On top of this, unlike other companies that charge ridiculous amounts for additional services like cleaning inside the microwave or wiping towel racks, we include these tasks in our basic cleaning package!

Additional Perks of Hiring Cleaning Glow In Oakland, CA

To speak more on why Cleaning Glow is a preferred cleaning agency over existing companies around the Oakland, CA region, we go the extra mile to provide a service that customers will want more of! From the get-go, your experience with us is guaranteed to be pleasant, quick, and satisfactory. Rest assured that all interactions made with Cleaning Glow employees will be transparent, nonbinding, and inferential. 
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Take a look at some of the additional perks you are treated to when you hire Cleaning Glow for all your cleaning needs:

If you’re pleasantly surprised by these awesome benefits, you’ll be over the moon when you experience the rest of them first-hand! Book a home cleaning with us today, and we guarantee that you will want us back for the rest of your tomorrows! 

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While Cleaning Glow cleans up your home and frees up your time, don’t forget to enjoy what oakland has to offer.

Oakland is the county seat of Alameda, CA with over  428,827 population serving as the trade center for the bay area making it the eighth most populated city in the golden state aka california.

If you’re looking for some of the most visited attractions in oakland, be sure to check out this article on the top 14 places to visit in oakland.

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Here are a few of the top landmarks and attraction just to name a few:

Here are a few of the top 5 star Hotels to stay at:

Here are a few of the top restaurants

Here are a few of the top bars to visit

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