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The #1 House Cleaning Company In Palo Alto, CA

Are you looking for a reputable cleaning company in Palo Alto, Ca?

Whether you’re hiring for the first time or hiring a cleaning company for the 5th time, you will quickly realize just how difficult it is to find someone reliable.

Here at Cleaning Glow, we understand and know exactly how difficult it can be to find a house cleaning service in san francisco that is reliable, shows up on time, & can do great quality work each time. After all, what’s the point of hiring a cleaning company if you’re just going to end up having to clean after they’ve left?

Quality cleaning isn’t just what you should consider either. There are multiple snares that come up when hiring a cleaning company. For Example, what happens if the cleaner breaks something in your home or worse yet steals a valuable item?

Can you really trust your cleaner and if so how do you know? Or what if the cleaner gets hurt on your property, will that mean she can take you to court & sue you?

These are all the questions most home owners never think to ask before hiring a cleaning service.

Why Cleaning Glow Is The Best Cleaning Service In Palo Alto?


Let’s start off with the basics.

For starters we carry insurance & bonding to insure that if at any point that an item is damaged or missing that it is covered by our insurance & bonding policy. Neither will you have to worry about theft because our cleaners go through a rigorous hiring process including a background check.

And of course if a cleaner does injure themselves on your property, you will not be held liable as that will be dealt through us.

With all that legal but of course important talk out of the way, let’s talk about the quality of cleaning.

Sure, there are plenty of other housekeeping services in Palo Alto and the surrounding areas. So what makes us better than the rest?

We maintain a standard level of cleanliness here at Cleaning glow and our cleaners use a standardized cleaning checklist so the cleaning is consistent every time. They will do a before & after walkthrough to make sure you’re satisfied. If you’re unsatisfied with your cleaning, our cleaners will come back within 24 hours to honor our 100% guarantee and fix it for free!

Oh, by the way did we already mention that we have a very rigorous hiring process? Here’s a fun fact about our company; only 10-20% of applicants that apply for a house cleaning job with us are filtered and end up on our team.

Out of those 10-20% that do work with us, they are rated after every clean by our customers with our automatic “client feedback” survey that is sent through email.. If they are unable to maintain 4.5 stars on their reviews, we do let them go and only work with those that can maintain those standards. 

Why you deserve to hire a professional maid service in palo alto?

Trying to keep your home clean is basically a never-ending tale of “not enough time.” Let’s face it, there are more important things in life than cleaning your bathrooms, so when you’re too busy it’s easy to postpone the household chores. 

But cleaning your beautiful Palo Alto home is important for your health, and you and your family deserve to spend your hard-earned free time in a clean and comfortable environment.

That’s why you deserve to hire a professional cleaning service. Luckily, booking a cleaning service is affordable as ever, at just $150-$250 a visit depending on the size of your home. And with our recurring cleaning discount, your home cleaning will never get delayed again.


Experience the convenience of hiring a house cleaner in palo alto, CA

We know that cleaning is stressful, but scheduling a professional to clean your home doesn’t have to be!  

We strive to make sure every aspect of our cleaning services is convenient for you. That’s why we’ve developed an online booking system that can be completed in under a minute. From the comfort of your home, you can choose the date and time that is most convenient for you, and you can even select the types of services and add-ons you require. Even better? We’re both desktop and mobile friendly, so you can schedule our services on the go or while you’re relaxing after a long hard day.

Here is what some of our happy customers have to say:

I was very happy with their service! They arrived on time, brought their own cleaning supplies and finished on time. Very professional.
Gokce D.
Absolutely the best cleaning service out there. From helping with my own home to helping with my business, professional, courteous and amazing work ethic of all their employees!
Jerry M

About Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto, with a population of about 67,000 people and located just 35 miles south of San Francisco, it is one of the primary cities of Silicon Valley and therefore houses the headquarters of many high-technology companies as well as Stanford University. Situated in the southeastern section of the San Francisco Peninsula, the city boasts a high quality of life, excellent school systems, and large nature preserves.

The city is filled with a taste for art from the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts to the Palo alto art center.

But if you’re feeling less artsy, and a bit more inspired by the smell of silicon valley in the air, be sure to check out the Hewlett Packard Garage which is the historical garage where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, first began their now Fortune 500 company.

And if you like that, I’m sure the tech entrepreneur nerd in you will appreciate stopping by the Facebook headquarters just a few miles down to Menlo Park,Ca.

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