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Having your home remodeled is a serious undertaking. Cleaning up after the remodel can be doubly so. If you are struggling with finding the time and energy to clean your home after a remodel, you are not alone.

Many people simply don’t have the time or the skill for a post-construction home cleaning. But, don’t despair. Here at Cleaning Glow, we offer specialized cleaning services after remodeling that are tailored to your needs. Our skilled and tested professional cleaners will enable you to enjoy your new clean home. So, go ahead and enjoy your free time with your loved ones, and we’ll take care of the mess!

Why Your Home Deserves Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Once you’ve gone through a home remodel, you probably don’t want to deal with a detailed house cleaning. And while your remodelers may have cleaned up after themselves, they likely did not do a very good job. Post remodel cleaning should be done in detail and quickly. One of the primary reasons for its importance is the removal of potentially hazardous debris and materials left behind after construction. This includes sharp objects, nails, screws, and even toxic substances like dust and chemicals. Delaying the cleaning process can pose serious safety risks to workers, occupants, and visitors, leading to accidents and injuries. By promptly conducting post-construction cleaning, these risks can be minimized, creating a safer environment for everyone.

But more often than not, finding the time to clean your home can be tough, and a post-construction cleaning can be even more time consuming.

Fortunately, professional cleaning services such as Cleaning Glow are here to help you. Our skilled professional cleaners are trained how to tackle all of the niche problems that post remodeling cleaning hides. We will get your home to that glow that you expect from a new remodeled home.


Post Remodeling Cleaning Services for Busy Lives

Post remodeling cleaning is a complicated and time-consuming task. Most people are busy with work, family and personal commitments and simply don’t have the time to dedicate enough time and effort to this task.

We here at Cleaning Glow know exactly how you feel. With your busy life and schedule, it’s hard to fit another huge task to your list. This is why our post construction cleaning service comes with a simple and easy to use online booking form. You can schedule your appointment in under a minute. All we need from you is some basic information about your home, the type of cleaning service you need, and we’re off to the races – we’ll clean the post-remodeling mess in no time.

Best of all, our professional cleaning crew will get to your home on your chosen date fully prepared to get to work, with all of the supplies and equipment they need for the specific cleaning task. That means you never have to worry about stocking up on cleaning supplies or equipment – we have it all. If you are concerned about the chemicals in cleaning products and want your home to be cleaned with green cleaning supplies, it’s not an issue – we carry those as well.

Once your cleaning services are finalized, our employees will go through the whole home for a tour with you to ensure your satisfaction with our work. Oh, and o need to worry about cash. Our secure online payment system ensures that your credit card will only be charged after the cleaning is completed.


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The Best Professional Cleaning Company in San Francisco

At Cleaning Glow, we aim to provide the best possible service with every single visit. We know our business depends on customer satisfaction, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that you’ll always be impressed with your cleaning.

To make sure things are always cleaned to the highest standard and that nothing is ever overlooked or forgotten, we’ve developed a post-construction cleaning checklist with all of the tasks needed to get your home spic and span. Our professional cleaning crew will mark off each item as they work from room to room in your home.

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In addition, we work with only the best house cleaners in San Francisco. To become a part of the Cleaning Glow team, our cleaners must pass nationwide background checks and in-person interviews. Plus, we’re insured and bonded, so you know that your home is in good hands with us.

And since we believe so strongly in customer satisfaction, we actually guarantee it. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can rest assured that we’ll do whatever it takes to make your home sparkle, even if it means coming back for a free re-clean. Check out our services page to learn a bit more about our services.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we want to provide a premium customer experience with every visit, we also provide a premium 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with your cleaning for any reason, just let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

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