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Our Cleaning Policy

1. Pricing 

While we aim to maintain our flat-rate pricing, there are situations where adjustments may be necessary. This can happen in homes with heavy soiling, cluttered spaces, or homes larger than the square footage initially covered. We’ll always communicate any changes with you in advance to ensure transparency and clarity in our pricing.


Failure to notify Cleaning Glow about cancellation 24 hours before scheduled service, will result in a $100 cancellation fee charged to the client’s credit card.

3.Lock out or No-show

It is the responsibility of customer to ensure access for cleaning. If the customer is not available or other access arrangements have not been made and the service provider is unable to enter, there will be a a cancelation fee of $100.


We’re confident in our work and stand by it. If we miss anything during your cleaning, let us know within 24 hours, and we’ll fix it. Don’t try cleaning it yourself – we’ll send someone back to re-clean any missed areas within 24 hours. While refunds aren’t offered, our re-cleaning process is effective in addressing quality issues.

We’re professional, but not miracle workers. Wear on surfaces not well-maintained may not be fully reversible. Some items may need more than one cleaning session to look their best. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding as we strive to exceed your expectations.


While we make every effort to handle your belongings with care, it’s important to clarify that we cannot be held liable for items already in a fragile or deteriorating condition. Our team is committed to preventing damage, but we cannot assume responsibility for items on the verge of breaking, wearing out, or in a pre-existing state of disrepair. This may include items such as heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, existing dings in furniture,  rotten screws in faucets, etc.

Effective communication is essential. Please communicate any concerns or identify delicate items before the cleaning process begins. This proactive approach allows us to exercise extra caution and tailor our cleaning methods accordingly. Your cooperation in pointing out fragile or vulnerable items empowers us to enhance our care during the cleaning process, minimizing the risk of any unintended damage.

6. Solicitation

When using our service, You hereby agree not to solicit any of our staff or cleaning service providers referred to you by Cleaning Glow during their association with Cleaning Glow. Should at any time you would like to establish a private working relationship with the cleaning service professional referred by Cleaning Glow to you while he or she is still registered with Cleaning Glow; you agree to pay the sum of $3,500 to Cleaning Glow as a referral fee.

If you hire the cleaning service professional independently of Cleaning Glow, you will be liable for a fee of $1000 for each such service, up to a maximum of $5,000

In addition, you also agree not to solicit or reach out to any of the cleaning service professionals that Cleaning Glow refers to you, for a period of 6 months following termination of the relationship between the cleaning service professional & Cleaning Glow.

You agree to pay for each violation of this policy for a total sum of $1,000 and the court and attorney fees involved in the case of the matter.

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