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Amazing Museums In San Francisco For The Entire Family

Oct 24

Amazing Museums In San Francisco For The Entire Family

by Alessandra Mendes

Among the world’s most well-known cities, San Francisco probably stands out because of its endless amount of sights and attractions for the entire family. You have the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, crooked streets, Alcatraz Island, Victorian houses, famous food, parks and neighborhoods.

When it comes to museums, San Francisco will never disappoint either. There are museums of modern art, science, African-American culture, Asian culture, natural history, and all sorts of kid-friendly ones.

And kid museum can give your entire family the opportunity to play, explore, and learn tons of stuff. You’ll find all of these things to do in San Francisco. Check it out now!

Here are best museums in San Francisco for the entire family!

1. Exploratorium

Through several hands-on exhibits, the Exploratorium is a science and human perception museum that allows kids and adults to discover how things work. It is one the best kid-friendly museums for a wide range of scientific topics, from physics to biology and chemistry.

There’s also a gallery that features insights and exhibits about thoughts, feelings, and social behavior. Its Tactile Dome lets your kid navigate a series of environments and obstacles in total darkness, figuring out the course by touch. It is located on the waterfront at Pier 15.

2. California Academy of Sciences

The crown jewel of Golden Gate Park, near the Young Museum, this place is an aquarium, a planetarium, science museum and even has a four-story rainforest. The building itself is an exhibit, with walls made out of recycled blue jeans and a living eco-roof.

Each part of this museum is thorough and engaging, and nobody in your family is going to get bored or leave without learning something new. There’s also an interactive earthquake exhibit that will give an extra adrenaline kick to the trip, along with a rare white alligator named Claude.

3. Children’s Creativity

If your kids love creativity,  the Children’s Creativity Museum is perfect for you. It inspires the most creative projects and experiences for kids and their families. And there’s no better way to inspire creativity in children and adults, than by actually participating in experiments. This means there aren’t only exhibits in this museum, but workshops, labs, quizzes, and skilled artists and teachers hoping to, well, inspire creativity!

Located in San Francisco’s SoMa district, you can find and try to participate in an animation studio, a tech lab, a music studio and other labs with your kids.

4. Aquarium of the Bay

While you’re in San Francisco, you should stop by the bay. If you d , then you can’t miss the Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39. This aquarium does an excellent job of displaying all the local marine life.

Kids of all ages (and adults) will love passing through a tunnel aquarium that shows you the marine life present in San Francisco Bay, from giant Pacific octopus, to jellyfish, stingrays, sharks and colorful fish.

5. Cable Car Museum

San Francisco is famous for its cable cars, but did you ever wonder how they work? You and your kids will have the chance to see how their internal mechanics, history and many other items related to them, at the  Cable Car Museum. You can learn about the long history of the cable cars and see the giant wheels that still pull the cables in action. Located between Chinatown and Nob Hill, this fun museum still serves as a barn for cable cars at night.

6. Disney Museum

Located in the Presidio, the Walt Disney Family Museum offers a fascinating sneak peek at the life of Walt Disney. From his childhood to early career, to the great successes and development of the Disney company, all the way to his death.

Seeing original Mickey Mouse drawings and artifacts from Disney classics like Snow White, Fantasia, and Pinocchio is an incredible experience for children and adults alike. The museum itself chronicles the life of Walt Disney through interactive galleries. Although it is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, its distinguished awards are on display in the lobby.

These museums will teach you a thing or two about science, history, San Francisco, and marine life. While you’re in San Francisco, check out these amazing museum and explore it with the entire family. You can let our san francisco maid service clean your home for a more relaxed day out with your family.

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