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What to Know About Hiring a Maid Service

Jul 12

What to Know About Hiring a Maid Service

by Alessandra Mendes

Do you need a maid service to keep your home looking tidy or can you do it all yourself? If you decide to go the maid cleaning route, that will certainly make things a lot easier for you, but you may have some questions about what this kind of service would be like. Let’s look at the most important thing to know about hiring professionals to clean in your home.

Giving the Cleaners Space

The cleaning crew will need to work unhindered in order to be effective and to get the work done quickly. You may need to stay out of the rooms they are cleaning and give them that space. If you want them to clean the entire house, you may need to let them have the run of the house and find yourself something to do outside. It may even be best to give the cleaners the keys to the house and you go somewhere else while they are working. Obviously, you only want to do this with a cleaning service you trust, so be careful about who you choose for the work.

Choosing the Kind of Cleaning You Need

There are a  multitude of cleaning companies to choose from when it comes to hiring a company. You have companies such as Merry Maids, Molly Maids, Imagine Maids, Maids pro, and so much more. When you hire a professional cleaning service for your home, you will have some options to pick from. They are likely going to offer more than just basic cleaning, if you want it. You can choose from deep cleaning and seasonal cleaning, as well as event specific cleaning like move-out tidying services. You can also ask for specific cleaning tasks to be done, like mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, washing dishes and more.

There may be some cleaning tasks that you prefer to do and others that you would rather save for the professionals. Why should you pay for cleaners to do some work in your home that you have already done? You can specify what they are supposed to do and get a quote for those specific services.

Making Sure You Are Satisfied

After you have had professional maids in your home, you may want the cleaners to come back and provide cleaning services for you again at a later date. However, you should not simply assume that they did a good job when they cleaned in your home. It is wise to inspect the work they did and see if it is up to mark. Check to see if they did a good job and determine if you are happy with the work or if there is room for improvement.

If you are generally happy with the work but you would prefer some changes to be made, then you should feel free to talk to the cleaners. Tell them about the issues and see if they are willing and able to correct those for you. If they are, then you can feel confident about hiring them again.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you want out of a maid service. They ought to be able to make your home spotlessly clean and deliver above and beyond your expectations in many ways. If they are not trying their best and that is obvious from your inspection of the home post-cleaning, then you may need to look elsewhere for professionals cleaning services.

Saving Money with Repeat Visits

Did you know that many maid services offer discounts to loyal customers? If you sign up for the maid service to come regularly to your home, you can pay less per visit than someone who is hiring them for a one-off job. Once you are happy with the services they provide and the kind of results they give you, then you should consider having them come regularly to keep your home looking its best.
This can help you to spend less time cleaning and allow you to enjoy a tidy looking home. It also saves you money overall on home cleaning costs. If you are really happy with the work they are doing for you, why not recommend the cleaning service to your friends and family so they can benefit from them as well?

Enjoying Specialized Services

You may typically ask your maid service to do basic cleaning for you, but they can probably provide so much more for you. If you want them to go further and deeper, ask about the deep cleaning services that they offer. They may be able to do more labor-intensive tasks for you like cleaning inside the oven, behind the appliances, and more. They can do the scrubbing and stain removal work that will make your home really shine. This may be something you only want them to do in one or two rooms, but it can make a big impact on those spaces. Be aware that you will likely be charged a different rate for deep cleaning than you would for regular cleaning services.

Ask about other services that they can offer you and see if there might be some you could make use of. They may provide you with green cleaning or special allergy-safe cleaning that is gentle on your sinuses or safer for the environment.

Working with Your Schedule

Your maid service ought to be able to accommodate your schedule and be flexible for you. Many maid services offer wide-ranging hours so that they can come at a time that is most convenient for you. Your work schedule might make it difficult for you to do the cleaning you need done, but a maid service can work around your hours to do the tidying when you want them there.
Ask about their availability and talk about any concerns with them that you have relating to your work hours and when you might be at home. You may be surprised at how flexible the maid service will be with you and how accommodating they can be.

A quality maid service is something you can really benefit from, and if you are happy with the work they do, then that will give you some peace of mind about getting your money’s worth and having them work in your home.


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