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Top 5 Tips To Dusting Properly

May 15

Top 5 Tips To Dusting Properly

by Alessandra Mendes


Dusting may seem like a very easy job that doesn’t need to be made any easier, but many people are not dusting very effectively. It can be tough to dust everywhere that needs to be cleaned and actually get rid of the dust rather than move it from one spot to another.

1. Use the Right Tools

You want to start by using appropriate dusting tools like a wet rag rather than a feather duster or similar dusting brush. Here’s a quick list of tools to have when starting any dusting job. We recommend against using a brush tool of any kind for your dusting, because those tend to just spread the dust into the air rather than collect and remove the dust. A wet cloth (slightly damp) will gather the dust and keep it from being transferred into the air. Feather dusters may have been the dusting tool for generations, but we know better now. Stop clogging up the air and spreading dust particles by switching out the duster for a damp cloth. 

2. Clean Your Air Vents

One part of the house that probably doesn’t get enough cleaning is the ventilation system. You should be cleaning out your air filter and changing your air filter according to the manufacturer specifications. How many of us do that often enough? You also want to clean your vents regularly. This may mean taking off the vent covers and wiping them down as well as hiring someone to clean out the entire ventilation system once or twice a year. If your not convinced as to why you should hire someone else to do the cleaning for you, check out this post.This will keep dust from spreading around the house and will make the air cleaner for easy, healthier breathing.

3. Dust More Often

Most houses do not get enough dusting. If you want to keep the dust levels down then you should be dusting at least once a week. In some houses, where there is a lot of foot traffic, dusting a few times a week is not a bad idea. Also make sure that the entire house is dusted regularly, as you don’t want to leave any room uncleaned, since dust can build up over time. This is especially true if you own a commercial building or offices as well. Commercial buildings tend to get dusty very quickly, which is why most business owners hire office cleaners to do the job properly & regularly. These office cleaners make sure to get the air vents & all the areas in the office to make sure everything is cleaned properly & no employees are suffering from pollen or dust allergy.

4.Pack Less on the Shelves

Another quick cleaning tip that will really help you out is to put less on the surfaces that you plan to clean. Tables, desks, shelves and other areas that need regular cleaning should not be packed tightly with knickknacks and other items. This can make it hard to dust them properly and can serve as storage for dust to build up quickly. By spreading these items out and clearing some space on surfaces to be dusted, you will have to do less work when you dust. You can do a single, clean wipe rather than weaving in and out around the objects on each surface. You’ll spend less time dusting and do a better job of dusting. 

5. Dust One Room at a Time

Our final tip is to keep yourself organized as you dust. Start with one room and dust it completely before moving on to the next. This will prevent you from missing some spots and will help you feel a sense of accomplishment over and over again as you clean. 

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